Bits & Pieces

Yikes! Imagine a favorite plate jumps off the wall. That's what happened to a client who scooped up the pieces and brought them to Janice to see how it might be saved. She put the pieces back together (sort of) and created a window valance for the client's kitchen. 

Her treasured bunny plate in the center inspired Janice to go in search of more bunnies. There are 4 bunny figurines that are attached so that the pieces are actually three dimensional. And because more-is-more, according to Janice, beaded trim graces the bottom edge - just like a fabric window treatment. No bunnies were hurt in this production. Ta da! 

The violin was created for the Richmond Symphony fundraiser. Musical instruments that had seen better days were handed over to selected artists for a makeover. The results were on display around Richmond before being auctioned to the public. All proceeds went to the Symphony. 

A page from a design book (from the Creative Homowner series) that features a countertop created from ceramic tiles and plates.